What is HOG[SCAN]

What is HOG[SCAN]

HOG[SCAN] was created to make life easier on HOG Chapter Officers and Road Captains, with the mission of "More riding, less paperwork".  We accomplish this by leveraging Open Source software, and crafty software development skills, tailored to HOG Chapter needs.  HOG[SCAN] is a product built by HOG Chapter Officers, for HOG Chapters to use.  We thought through all of the problems that could be solved with technology, and built solutions for them.

Does your HOG Chapter need a new website?  Are you printing rosters and sign-in sheets for your rides?  Are you posting your Chapter pictures to broken down 3rd party galleries?  How about your email campaigns?  Are you spending a fortune to get reports on your open and click rates?

HOG[SCAN] is here to make your life easier, and let you focus on the important stuff, like riding motorcycles.  Take it from me, you don't turn 20k miles per year manually generating ride reports.  You do it with a grip on your handlebars.

So, put down that sign-in sheet, pick up your smartphone, and join HOG[SCAN] powered Chapters on the road.

I'll see you there.

Posted by Russ